About SLAM Basketball

Club basketball offers a higher level of fundamental skill training and a more competitive level of basketball than offered by community basketball programs. SLAM basketball provides this elevated level of training and competition to those athletes that are accepted into our program.

Being a member of a SLAM team requires a commitment on the part of the athlete and the family. Athletes are asked to be dedicated to building their basketball skills and personal character. Parents are asked to participate in managing the administration of a team and our annual tournament.

How are SLAM teams formed?

Unlike community basketball, players can’t “join” or “sign up” for SLAM club basketball. Players either go through a “tryout” situation or are invited on to a team by the coaches. The process of player selection is up to the coach of each individual team.

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What is the SLAM club basketball season like?

1) Teams practice on Sundays for 2-3 hours, starting either mid November or early December

2) Once the SMBA season is over, late March, teams may add another practice, totalling 2 practices per week until the end May

3) Starting late April, teams will play in 3 to 4 weekend tournaments that may include some combination of Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, and Alberta

4) The season typically ends at the end of May but may continue to the end of June if the team elects to do so

What is the cost of playing SLAM Basketball?

1) Team fees are generally $275 per season per player, this may vary by team

2) Uniform cost is approximately $350 per player, uniforms are ordered every other year as fit necessitates

3) Optional SLAM clothing such as sweats and hoodies are available at additional cost on our SLAM online store

4) There are additional costs during the season related to team travel for tournaments and training, these vary by team

SLAM Berscheid Fund

The Saskatoon SLAM Berscheid Fund is available to athletes in our program that demonstrate the need for financial assistance.